Charles Wells: The Man Who Broke Monte Carlo’s Bank

Charles Wells is renowned for his incredible success at the casino.

On multiple occasions, he broke the bank at Monte Carlo’s roulette tables. His ardor for

However, he would ultimately succumb to his gambling addiction and resort to

fraudulent conduct to support his addiction. However, Wells was born in

His actions from the mid-1800s are still being discussed today.

To learn more about Charles Wells, his youth, his criminal career, and his death,

How he began wagering, and how he managed to bankrupt the bank at Monte Carlo on his first visit.

Please peruse the detailed biography on multiple occasions. Who can say?

You may even learn something you were previously unaware of.

Initial Years

1841 saw the birth of Charles De Ville Wells in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. His

Charles Jeremiah Wells was a renowned poet and attorney. The mother of

Emily Jane Hill was a housewife who cared for Charles and his siblings.

There are three elder sisters. When Wells was a baby, his family relocated to

It was in Quimper, France, that Wells spent the preponderance of his childhood.

Each week, Wells’ parents took him to church to impart moral values.

within their infant son. Both alcoholism and wagering addiction run in the family.

They hoped Wells would not encounter the same obstacles when he was in the same position.

The elderly. His time in church proved to be advantageous when he was young, as he was

extremely deferential and always obedient to the regulations.

He attended the prestigious French private school L’ecole de Diwan.

the moment. Wells performed exceedingly well in school and was able to graduate on time.

He graduated first in his cohort in 1959. He earned a scholarship to attend college.

Clermont-Ferrand University, from which he earned a bachelor’s degree in

The field of engineering.

After receiving his diploma, he accepted a position as an engineer at the Marseille.

shipbuilding yards. While employed there, he devised a device capable of regulating the

velocity of a vessel’s propellers. He was able to sell the invention’s patent.

for 5,000 francs, approximately five times his annual salary at the time.

A Criminal and Gambling Lifestyle Begins

With a little extra cash in his pocket, Wells began to frequent the

There are numerous casinos in France.

This once-well-mannered, churchgoer’s behavior has deteriorated. He immediately became

Before he knew it, he had lost all of his money due to his gambling addiction.

Desperate for cash, he located investors willing to finance his business.

a railroad construction undertaking. He intended to construct a railroad in Berck, a region in Belgium.

France which required conveyance services. After observing how costly

Given how difficult it would be to actually construct the railroad, Wells decided to accept his investors’ money.

cash and flight. Wells was acting out of character, but he felt he had no choice.

other selection.

He arrived in England, where he continued to squander away all of his money.

He carried in. Once more, he turned to investors for assistance. He persuaded several

He convinced numerous affluent members of society to invest in one of his numerous inventions. He

seized their money without intending to return it, instead using it for personal gain.

money to support his gambling habit. This continued for many years.

Spending beyond means

Wells made his first trip to the Monte Carlo Casino in July of 1891. At

At that time, each casino roulette table had a cash reserve of $100,000.

francs, which was commonly known as “the bank.” When a speculator wins a

Amounting to more than 100,000 francs, they were deemed to have “broken the bank.”

When this occurred, casino personnel would be compelled to breach into the safe.

casino’s vault to fully compensate the victor. Wells’ good fortune at the roulette tables

During his sojourn in Monte Carlo, he astonished everyone by “breaking the bank.”

Throughout his tenure, he repeatedly used the term “bank.”

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