Slot Machine with Reel Banks

Playing the Reel Banks Slot Machine

The occasional introduction of slot machines with a banking theme is to be expected. It makes sense, considering the close proximity of banks and online slot machines. In particular, Pragmatic Play like games with a financial focus. The goal of Reel Banks is to use the game’s features to gather all of the gold and jewels that have been placed in a vault. Let’s rob this bank and take out the finest slot bonuses by reading our review of Reel Banks.

Spin the Reels Slot Machine Logic

When it comes to online slots with a banking theme, Reel Banks plays it safe. The setting is meant to evoke a bank vault, and the game itself takes place there. The reels are green, and the gold outlines of the symbols make them stand out. Each corner of the silver bordered grid features a miniature vault wheel. It has a basic layout that gets a little more exciting when bonus rounds are activated. However, there is generally virtually nothing of interest occurring.

Slot Strategy for Reel Banks

Bank robbery is one of the most challenging crimes to do. The reels of the Reel Banks slot machine are, thankfully, much easier to spin. The slot machine’s grid is a normal 5 by 3, and each spin activates 25 paylines. This is a common denomination in many of the best zero-cost slot games available today.

Players should double check their bet amounts before each spin. You can wager anywhere from $0.25 and $125. This betting spread is reasonable and should work for most people. If you just want to sit back and enjoy the game as the gold spins on the reels, you may use the regular Autoplay mode.

Reel Banks Mobile Slot Game Playing

All of Pragmatic Play’s mobile slots, including Reel Banks, are designed with mobile players in mind. The game is optimized for both Android and iOS devices, and it has a seamless transition from desktop to mobile screens. Accessible on mobile devices at a variety of leading online casinos, the touch version of the slot offers the same gameplay as its desktop counterpart.

Slot Machine Extras with Reel Banks

The bonus rounds in the slot machine game Reel Banks utilize some of Pragmatic Play’s signature features.

Valued money symbols are typically the first thing that gamers will notice in the slot machine. These are automatically gathered and paid out whenever they appear on the fifth reel alongside a Collector Symbol. The Collector Symbol can accumulate many Coin Symbols simultaneously.

The Free Spins Bonus Round is activated when the player lands a Money Symbol on each of the game’s five reels. The starting bonus is nine spins. Each reel begins the round with a collection pot above it. The values of the five money symbols that triggered the bonus are added together. If any Money Symbols appear during play, that sum will be added to the prize pool.

Special symbols may appear during the round. Here are some of them:

With “Reel Collect,” the bank’s worth is added to the reel’s total.

With All Collect, the total bet from all reel banks is tallied.

With Multiply Reel, you may increase the bank’s worth by a factor of up to five.

All reel banks can be multiplied by a factor of up to 5.

Extra Turns: an extra three turns have been added.

After each iteration, the winners receive their prizes. Depending on the player’s region, the Buy Bonus option may allow them to bypass the waiting list for this offer. To do so costs 80 times the initial investment.

Return to Player, Max Bet, and Volatility for the Reel Banks Slot

The mathematical model used by Reel Banks is quite common and is not expected to spark any controversy. The slot’s highest payout is 5,000 times the player’s wager, and its volatility rating of 3 out of 5 places it squarely in the middle of the volatility spectrum. The slot’s RTP of 96.04% is similar to those of other popular online slots.

Synopsis of the Reel Banks Slot

The Pragmatic Play slot Reel Banks is a classic example of a standard slot machine. The slot machine has everything a player would want and nothing they wouldn’t in a game with a banking theme. While the maximum win of 5,000x the player’s bet is decent, rather than stunning, the Bonus Spins and Collect features are well-balanced and provide some good earning possibilities. Try this game at the top slot machine sites if you enjoy games with bonus rounds based on collecting items.

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