After a 2016 law was amended in 2019, it became the ultimate law for gambling in Cameroon and online gambling was permitted in 2019. There is a lack of consensus on what kinds of online gambling are legitimate.

According to certain reports, since the 2019 legislation, only poker and the national lottery are allowed. Blackjack and roulette, according to some reports, are two of the most played casino games in the country’s online gambling market.


There are some discrepancies in the information, but our casino guide can tell you for sure that while internet gambling is allowed in Cameroon, it is not yet properly regulated.

Cameroon’s Long Gambling Tradition


Cameroon was a German colony from 1884 to 1916. Before this, gambling was a popular pastime, but it was not regulated by any laws.


Cameroon was colonized by France during World War I, and it was the French who introduced the country to modern forms of gaming. Gambling was permitted in Cameroon the year it gained independence, 1960. The country’s legal gambling options are reminiscent of the French system because France was a colonizer there in the past.


Legal Gambling in Cameroon

Cameroon allowed gambling in 1960, although the country didn’t enact its first gaming law until 1989. This legislation was drafted with land-based casinos, horse racing, and other kinds of legalized gambling in mind.


Decree No.2019/2300/PM was enacted in 2019 as a result of changes made to the law in 2016. Including online gambling, this became the authoritative regulation governing gambling in the country.


All forms of gambling in Cameroon must be licensed by the Agency for Games of Chance (Agençe de Régulation des Jeux). In addition, it is in charge of giving permits to business owners.


In order to legally operate and accept customers from Cameroon, online casinos must first obtain a gaming license. Sports betting, however, is not only permitted by law but actively encouraged by authorities in Cameroon. Loterie Nationale Cameroun is the state-sanctioned lottery license issuer.


Cameroon’s Land-Based Gambling Halls

Cameroon allows for licensed casinos and slot parlors. Nevertheless, the country’s number of casinos is not something to brag about. Cameroon is a poor country, thus only the well-off can afford to gamble there.


Seven casinos and five slot parlors are available. The 2019 Gambling Decree governs all of them and requires them to have licenses.


Cameroon’s Promising Gambling Industry

Gambling and internet casinos have been more popular in Cameroon, despite the country’s status as a developing market. Internet gambling establishments are developed, legal, and regulated inside the jurisdiction. That which is not expressly permitted or regulated by law is thus forbidden.


The high tax rates may be a problem for Cameroonian internet casinos. Online gambling profits are subject to an additional 15% tax on top of the standard 33% corporate tax rate. In addition, just 34% of people in the country have access to the internet. Therefore, although internet gambling has become increasingly popular in the country, it may not be as successful a business elsewhere.


We can only make these assumptions since we have no way of knowing how the sector will develop. Tourism and tax income can both benefit from a flourishing casino sector, including those that operate only online.


Regional Banking Practices

Online casinos accept a variety of payment methods, including those offered by local banks in Cameroon. It’s possible that using these alternate modes of payment will cost you money in the form of transaction or currency conversion fees.



Many casinos can set up shop in the country since gambling is sanctioned by the government. It stands to reason that we would highlight the venues that gamblers can come without fear and have a positive experience at.



So far, we’ve covered everything there is to know about Cameroon’s gambling establishments. We hope the following information is helpful in answering any remaining questions you may have.


Can Cameroonians legally gamble at online casinos?


To answer your question, yes, online casinos are legal in Cameroon. After a change in the law in 2016, they were once again made legal in 2019. Without a legal framework in place, all forms of gambling are unlawful.


Can you recommend a reliable Cameroonian online casino?


The best casinos in Cameroon have been outlined for you. After hours of study, we’ve concluded that they’re the best casinos available. If we had to choose one, though, it would be


Where can I find the highest paying online casinos in Cameroon?


You shouldn’t choose the finest online casino based just on their payout rates. We think the experience is more valuable than the items themselves. However, if you insist on knowing the answer, our pick for best payouts would be Slots Heaven.

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