2023’s Best Betting Sites in India

Find excellent sports odds from India’s top online bookmakers. Our specialists have identified and evaluated every online sportsbook to determine which ones are the best. Read on to uncover the top betting sites in India for 2023, taking into account odds that are generous, the variety of sports offered, bonuses, and safety.

Avoid betting sites in India

There are several fantastic online sports betting sites, but regrettably not all online sportsbooks offer a positive experience. Below is a list of shady websites that failed our rigorous assessment procedure and those you should avoid at all costs.

ndia’s Most Popular Bet-On Sports


When it comes to online wagering in India, some sports stand out. Here are a few wagering favorites that are constantly popular.


Online Cricket Betting Cricket is a very popular sport for bettors in India. Matches are played often throughout the year, and betting on cricket is prevalent throughout the nation. There’s always something to follow, from the Indian Premier League (IPL) and test cricket to the lesser domestic competitions.


Football Betting Football Betting

Second only to cricket in terms of popularity is football. European club competitions like as the Champions League and the English Premier League attract a great deal of online wagering interest. In addition, bettors love the Indian Super League and the I-League, two of India’s most prominent professional football competitions.


Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi Gambling Kabaddi is one of the fastest-growing sports in India. The emergence of the Pro-Kabaddi League in 2014 has increased the popularity of the traditional sport, particularly among online bettors. The Kabaddi World Cup and the Super Kabaddi League are both popular competitions that will follow.


Basketball Betting Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the fastest-growing betting industries for Indian gamblers. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the largest league in the globe, and the league’s inaugural game of 2019 was played in Mumbai. Given the future investment plans, it’s no surprise that basketball enthusiasts are looking for the top betting sites.


Field Hockey Betting

Hockey, like football and cricket, has its own league. Six clubs compete in the Hockey India League (HIL) for only two months, from January to February. Not forgetting the hype surrounding the 2022 Hockey World Cup.

How We Evaluate the Top Gambling Websites in India


We put each sportsbook through its paces in an effort to identify the finest betting sites. For a sportsbook to make our top ranking, it must satisfy all of the criteria listed below. If a site scores highly in all six categories, we will consider it one of the top online betting sites on the market.


Variety of Sports, Wager Types, and Markets

Top betting sites will provide wagers on a variety of sports. In addition to international sports like as cricket, football, and basketball, we would also like to see native sports such as kabaddi mentioned. Then, we will hunt for a wide range of bet kinds and marketplaces to ensure a diverse betting experience.


Bonuses and Promotions for Cricket

The majority of betting sites in India provide promotions to assist players increase their bankroll. Our experienced evaluators will be on the lookout for the most spectacular deals and evaluating whether or not they are as advantageous as they should be. Through a VIP or loyalty program, the finest online betting companies will often give benefits to returning players.


Competitive Extras & Odds

With so many sports betting sites to select from, it is crucial to offer competitive odds. Therefore, a sportsbook with liberal odds will receive high scores. We will also search for other features that enhance the betting experience, such as live streaming, early cash-out choices, and sports statistics.


Rating Banking & Payouts

In addition to having a superb online betting site, a smart sportsbook will also have a range of deposit and withdrawal options. To begin, we’ll examine whether or not payments are encrypted and made over safe and reputable channels. Then, for the greatest scores, we will prioritize quick deposits and withdrawals.


Payment Safety, Security, and Customer Service

In each evaluation, we do a comprehensive background check that includes the auditing procedure, certification, and licensing of the sportsbook. We will only propose betting sites with valid licenses from organizations such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Government of Curacao. Finally, we will evaluate their customer service to determine how quickly inquiries are resolved.


Protect Mobile Play

When it comes to online betting, an increasing number of customers choose mobile devices. We’ll be searching for a mobile-optimized sportsbook with the same functionality as its desktop counterpart. Online betting applications will also receive good marks.


Mobile Final Rating

If an online betting site scores well in all of the above categories, it will be included on our shortlist. After that, we’ll conduct periodic reviews of each site to verify that it maintains its high standards.

Free Bets, Bonuses, and Special Offers


Welcome bonus

A welcome offer or sign-up bonus is intended for new clients that register with an online betting site. Typically, this will need a small initial investment in exchange for a free bet.


Free Bets

Simply explained, a free wager is a gift offered to new or loyal customers of a betting website. Each online betting site will have its unique terms and conditions, so be sure to read them thoroughly prior to signing up.


Refund/Money back

Cashback incentives can provide as protection for players who place high-risk or high-odds wagers. This might offer insurance in the event that one leg of an accumulator fails. This sort of offer is intended to mitigate the effects of a loss.


VIP Clubs

Any reputable online gambling site in India will provide a VIP or loyalty program. This will reward customers who invest a significant amount of time and money into the site with free wagers and bonuses.


Tips for Sports Betting

To gamble successfully, you must develop the proper approach. Here are some fundamental betting tips that may be used to any sport.


Request a welcome bonus

It might take time to learn how a betting website operates. Fortunately, many sites provide welcome packages that include free bets, allowing you to acquaint yourself with the site before wagering real money. Be mindful of the terms and conditions prior to examining any needs that may be associated.


Manage your bankroll

To be a good bettor, one must be mindful of their bankroll. Determine how much money you are comfortable handing over to a betting site as a starting point. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose, and always keep to your budget.


Strike early

The odds tend to change based on public wagering, so it might be advantageous to place your bet early. Early wagering also ensures that the odds will not be impacted by unforeseeable events such as injuries. In other words, the closer you are to the event’s start time, the worse your odds may be.


Find the appropriate website.

It is crucial to pick the ideal betting site for your needs because no two are identical. It may be the betting options, customer service, banking methods, promotions, or even a site’s history and reputation that distinguish one from another. Any website on our selection of suggestions is a solid starting point.


Mobile & Online Betting Apps

Mobile Casinos

Thanks to mobile websites and online betting applications, it is simple to place wagers whenever and anywhere you like. The majority of sportsbooks will have mobile versions with the same functionality and features as their desktop counterparts. In addition, you should be able to configure alerts to receive real-time updates regarding your favorite team. Mobile and internet betting applications are essential for any respectable sportsbook, thus we will be on the lookout for them in our evaluations.

Online Betting FAQs


Which is the greatest online betting site?

It all depends on what you are seeking. We have thoroughly evaluated a variety of sportsbooks in terms of their sports and markets, promotions, odds, reputation, and more. Our recommendations for some of the greatest online betting sites are provided in the table above.


Are betting sites safe?

Yes, more are entirely secure. It is prudent to utilize only a genuine, fully licensed, and independently controlled online betting service. Before a site is included to our list of reputable sportsbooks, we conduct an exhaustive background investigation.


Which wager is the safest?

It all depends on your wager, your investment, and your understanding of the game. Every wager has risk, but some are riskier than others. For example, in order to receive a return on an accumulator wager, each of the bets in your selection must win. Single wagers, on the other hand, depend solely on a single result for a return.


Which sport is easiest to wager on?

The sport that you know the most about will be the simplest to wager on. If you have extensive knowledge about a certain team or game, you will have a greater probability of predicting the outcome.


How can I wager online?

Online wagering procedures are same across the board. Create an account and make your initial deposit once you’ve selected the best betting site for you; this is often done through the ‘My Account’ feature. Then, using the menu, choose a sport and a market, input your stake, and add the wager to your “bet slip.” After confirmation, you will have made your wager!


Exist further methods of online betting?

Yes. You may also wager and play games like slots, blackjack, and roulette at online casinos in India.


How can I wager lawfully in India?

You may legally wager on sports in India at any of our approved sportsbooks. Although there are no domestic sportsbooks in India, there are no obstacles to making a wager at an overseas sportsbook that accepts Indian players. Several Indian states may impose their own sports betting prohibitions. Check your local area legislation if in question.

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