Review of Astro Roulette

Once upon a time, astrology governed the lives of many people, predicting future events and guiding aristocrats and commoners alike in their day-to-day choices. Today, fewer people take astrology so seriously, yet it would be inaccurate to claim that it has vanished from our lives. Whether they read their daily horoscopes for a little amusement value or examine charts to help them comprehend or predict the future, many individuals continue to pay at least some heed to the indications that come from the stars.

Astrology is also the foundation for the online casino game Astro Roulette, which is based on more recognizable variations of this very popular casino game. You’ll still be spinning wheels and putting wagers on the result, with the hope that good fortune will place the ball just where you need it. However, the familiar numbers and colors have been replaced with a new set of symbols based on the astrological signs that we have all studied at some time in our lives.

The Aquarian (or Libran, or Piscean…) Age

The combination of astrology and roulette may not make much sense at first. However, strangely, the pairing performs better than expected. The two fit together well enough to create a cohesive game that is simple to play and can be picked up immediately by both seasoned roulette players and novices.

Astro Roulette resembles European tables more than American ones when compared to the original versions of the game. This is equal to a table with a single zero, providing players with higher odds.

The difference is (obviously) that there are only 12 signs and 37 empty spots on the wheel. One of these slots is occupied by the “infinity” symbol, which serves as the game’s zero. The remaining 36 are equally distributed across the other 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these signs is assigned three pockets, and the only method to wager on a single pocket outcome is to wager on the infinite space.

As is customary in roulette, the objective is to anticipate where the ball will rest after the next spin. You may do so in a variety of ways, each of which offers odds that vary based on your likelihood of winning. In this game, you may stake in whatever combination you like, so long as each wager meets the minimum requirement (and do not exceed any table maximums).

Consider just minimal strategy, but avoid this one location.

Remember when we said that this game is quite similar to European Roulette? This is true in a variety of ways, including the fact that a 36-slot wheel pays out practically all wagers evenly. It is the 37th pocket that offers the casino an advantage, although a minor one: the house edge is 2.70 percent, the same as on any European table.

The one exception is the basket wager that we discussed before. Due to the fact that it covers seven places on the roulette wheel yet pays out at odds of 4-1, it falls short of your other choices (mathematically, it would be “fair” if there were only 35 spaces). Similar to a wager that may be placed on an American table (which should also be avoided). For those who are wondering, the house advantage is slightly over 5.4%, which is precisely twice that of all other games on the table. Avoid wagering on the basket regardless of your superstition, inclination, or preferred style of play.

A Witty Twist on a Classic

After a time, all roulette games might begin to resemble one another. Astro Roulette, however, is considerably different in both presentation and structure. Although the main gameplay is similar, it has a wonderfully unique and mystical vibe. The wheel itself seems enigmatic, and the new age music that accompanies the game contributes significantly to the atmosphere.

The only difference between this game and Chinese roulette is that the zodiac symbols on the wheel are different. Overall, we definitely favor the aesthetics of the Chinese version somewhat, if only because seeing animals is somewhat more natural than observing astrological symbols. Nonetheless, if this is a concept that appeals to you, this game is just as excellent as any other roulette choice available, and it’s a lot of fun to play.

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