Mars Casino is a gaming establishment located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mars Casino Ratings and Reviews

From the very first screen, you can see that this casino is a bit different from the others. The launch of the Volkswagen T2 vehicle into space, complete with an astronaut giving a thumbs-up on the front page, as well as the innovative concept of becoming the first casino on Mars, make for an excellent package for seeming unique. Despite the fact that this is a relatively new addition to the casino solar system, the site already has more than a million users and more than five hundred games.

The sales pitch for the site is excellent, drawing a parallel between the red, barren terrain of Mars and the Las Vegas of the 1940s. This game has a variety of space-related puns, such as the extra-terrestrial service and the galactic-sized rewards. What’s the greatest part? They claim to have a fairness widget that you may use to find out why they believe the site is equitable.

There are also time limitations and cooling down times, as well as a direct line to customer support. All in all, there is an outstanding feeling of safety and security while having fun, which should be commended. Via order for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience, they seem to have made their responsible gambling policies explicit in the tools and options accessible.

To be quite honest, the standout aspect of this casino is unquestionably the customer service. They have definitely made an effort to stand out from the crowd while still providing fair play and benefits. At the customer service desk, Zoidberg, Gomora, Spock, and Lilu Dallas – all fantastic fictitious characters that contribute to the site’s overall sense of comedy – maintain the high level of attention to detail.

Amazing! Out of this World!

The best place to seek for fantastic games is a website that guarantees high-quality visuals – and they are surely out of this world. With great attention to tiny details, the overall design of this site is superb, with running space-traveller phrases and pictures flowing throughout the site, and the games that are promoted initially keep the space theme.

These are those that understand that in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you must provide something unique.

When you have such a diverse selection of games to choose from, it is wonderful to have a website navigation system that is simple and logical – we imagine this is just what you would want from mission control!

There is a navigation bar with the many sorts of games, ranging from slots to table games to live games to jackpot games, and there is a search bar for finding specific games. Then there’s a navigation bar for the many software creators, for the purists who know their games and their designers, and for everyone else.

Aside from that, Mars Casino’s main strength is the diversity of software providers it offers: the site has games from Netent, BetSoft, iSoftbet, Softswiss, Anatic, Ezugi and Endorphina amongst other well-known brands in the business. This implies that whatever your preferences are, you will be able to find something worthwhile to spend your time on. In addition, the site provides the option of paying using a variety of currencies, including bitcoin. This indicates that the site has successfully marketed itself to the broadest possible range of customers – and this will almost certainly be the aspect that distinguishes it as a serious contender in the online casino industry.

The use of Shakespeare phrases, such as “Courage is what makes a man out of a slave,” is a lovely touch of ingenuity and thinking that elevates the whole presentation.

Fight for Your Rights!

That this casino does not take advantage of its customers is one of its many positive attributes. These Martians are well aware that they must battle for your business. As a result, there is a bonus menu that is always visible at the top. You will get 400 euros in addition to 50 free spins when you make your first deposit, which is exceptional. This implies that you may start with a tiny amount of money and build your way up – something that percent bonus offers do not encourage.

Even better, the site gives a 25 percent reload every three days, which is an additional bonus. As a result, whatever is now in your balance will be boosted by a 25 percent bonus on top of it. The site will push you to constantly have stuff in your account as a creative incentive to keep you coming back. Every third deposit earns you free spins, and as a thank you for your business, the site will give you a 15 percent payback.

But what about the performance?

Each game, however, has both a play for fun and a play for money option. It includes both well-known titles and newer titles with catchy names such as: Aliens, Starburst, Cosmic Fortune, Theme Park, Tickets of Fortune, When Pigs Fly, Space Wars, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Hammer 2, Alien Robots, Guns N Roses, Motorhead, Gonzo’s Quest, Glow, Aloha!, Cluster Plays, Blood Suckers, Koi Princess, and others. Although there is a definite slant towards space-based gameplay, as you can see, the selection is wide and diverse.

Here are some details on some of the games that are currently accessible.

Progressive Diamond Jackpot: This is a straightforward slot game that has the appearance of a pub slot machine that you might play while drinking a pint. There are the standard coin-paying combos of diamonds, 7s, bars, and fruit, as well as more complex combinations. The choices are rather restricted, consisting mostly of increasing the amount of money staked on each line and then choose whether to wager one coin or the maximum amount. As a result, the game is played quickly, increasing the likelihood that your bankroll may be depleted rather quickly. The typical arcade soundtrack is a lovely touch, and really does transport you back to your childhood memories of seaside ice cream and fish and chips at the local pier.

As the name suggests, this is a well-designed game with excellent visuals and a progressive jackpot that may reach into the millions. In this video slot, you will find images reminiscent of fairy tales and a high-quality orchestration for the soundtrack. There are 5 reels and 30 paylines in this game. The highest bid per line is 0.20 coins, which results in a healthy maximum bid of 0.20 coins. Auto play is available, which lets you to choose a normal stake and have it repeated over a number of spins. This is a little amount of fun, and the progressive jackpot serves as a huge incentive to keep spinning in the hopes of winning.

Glam Life: This is a little sliver of luxury in the world of gaming. With the glitz and glam of a diamond-encrusted watch and a private plane, of course. The game is made all the more appealing by the seductive voice and 80s disco atmosphere. Especially pleasing to my eye is the use of the mansion gate posts as reel housings for this traditional spin casino experience.

Live Card Games: The possibility to play card games and roulette with other users, which is particularly unique, enhances the feeling of being in a real casino environment. There are live baccarat, blackjack, and auto-roulette games available, in which the wheel rotates whether or not you place a wager – and you have no control over when the wheel spins. This kind of live performance enhances the adrenaline rush of the encounter and helps to maintain the tempo of the play fast and full of excitement throughout.

So, what does all of this add up to in the end?

Let’s face it, the online casino market is a crowded one, therefore occupying space seems to be a wonderful notion for standing out from the crowd and being noticed. Putting the puns aside, this is a one-of-a-kind site in many ways. The visuals have a certain level of sophistication, and the subject is engaging and conveyed across the site with an amazing attention to detail. The choice of software providers, the ability to play for fun, the fair play widget, and the facilities to put limitations on your play all give you the impression that you are being looked after when you are playing on the internet.

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