Nigerian Poker

No of the genre, poker is one of the most popular games ever. Historians continue to argue the origins of this cherished card classic.

Some say it’s a descendent of a Chinese 10th-century domino game, while others insist it’s a Persian As Nas descendant. Whatever its origins, poker was clearly popularized in North America initially by French colonists who brought it here as Poque.

Poker is now a worldwide phenomenon, mainly to its popularity in US casinos and the WSOP.

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis, Naija is Africa’s second-largest online betting market, with poker playing an increasing role. Online poker is a social and competitive gaming environment where players may challenge one other and interact.

Online gaming in general is rapidly expanding in Nigeria, with numerous research companies predicting a $128 million social gaming industry by 2023, up from $41 million in 2018.

While it is undeniable that online card games now dominate the African gaming scene, there are a few places in Nigeria where card players may enjoy live card games. Africa’s most populous country may not be a prominent poker hotspot, but it is not completely missing from the global card gaming map.

Poker in Nigeria

In reality, few Nigerian businesses feature special poker tables. Nigerians are more likely to discover casino-poker versions in land-based casinos. In Lagos, the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino features a Casino Hold ‘Em Poker table. Poker-themed games pit players against dealers, generally with a hand rating system. On Victoria Island is Nigeria’s premier poker room. 5b Akin Olugbade Street. The Lagos Poker Club is a members-only club with five exquisite tables for Pot Limit Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.

It has a chic bar and a side lounge with big TVs. The Lagos Poker Club provides weekly tournaments and VIP high-stakes special events.

Famous Nigerian Poker Players

Sadly, the world’s most prominent poker tours seldom visit Kesh. So yet, few Nigerian players have achieved global notoriety. The World Series of Poker has recently begun to pay greater attention to Africa, with a tour stopping in various locations around the continent. But the main beneficiary has been South Africa.

Despite this, The Hendon Mob, the world’s biggest poker player database, counts four Nigerians. Dany, Emmanuel, George, and Aminu PJ-Akpan

Dany Chidiac is by far the most successful, earning $82,132 throughout his career. In 2019, he finished seventh in Pot Limit Omaha at the EPT Barcelona tournament, earning $62,000. Dany routinely participates in events in Las Vegas and Europe.

And Emmanuel Arokodare, who mostly plays No-Limit tournaments in Britain. In 2013, he finished second at the PKR Live No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament in London.

Real money online poker arose shortly after online casinos. Cryptologic’s proprietary transaction software spawned interactive gaming websites in 1996. Almost two years later, the first online poker game for real money was played.

However, online poker revenues soared from $82 million in 2001 to a whopping $2.4 billion four years later, proving that this sector didn’t explode until the mid-2000s.

This industry has clearly declined during the last fifteen years. However, Flutter Entertainment (PokerStars) just reported a five-year surge in digital card revenues.

Several well-known sites welcome Nigerians and provide attractive bonuses for mobile gamers. Online gambling has unquestionably helped Nigeria’s economy. Despite the popularity of slots and sports betting, Nigerian gamblers are increasingly drawn to card games.

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